Engage Your Viewers with Interactive Video
Giving viewers the ability to control and interact with video substantially increases effectiveness.
Vizigy helps you engage your audiences and achieve better business results.
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What's Vizigy?
We provide powerful turnkey interactive video solutions for marketing, publishing, training and business communications including secure video, embedded web video and monetized video content.
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Make Your Video More Valuable
When you make the right video's available to the right people at the right time, you get better results.
Vizigy's powerful video management tools help you better organize, package and deliver your video content to achieve your objectives.
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Make Money Selling Your
Video Content On-line
Create your own custom branded digital marketplace to create new revenue sources from your videos.
Vizigy provides complete digital media solutions with flexible business models including subscriptions, multi-user licenses and 1-time sales.
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Sometimes You Need A Partner to Reach Your Goals
From start up to ongoing daily operations, we provide services to help manage any or all of your video content management and delivery needs, letting you focus on creating great content.
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Everything You Need to Make Your Videos More Valuable
Manage Your Content
Flexible ways to organize, package and deliver video content
2-Way Video Exchange
Enable user submitted videos for training, support and marketing functions
Non-linear Navigation
Give your viewers the ability to direct the course of how they navigate through video content
Video-Enabled Landing Pages
Enhance marketing programs by seamlessly integrating video with your web landing pages
Interactive Exercises
Engage your users by integrating exercises and quizzes with your videos
Monetize Your Content
Create your own digital store to sell your videos on-line
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